SAFE, CAPABLE and AFFORDABLE robots that help human beings live better lives!


we build SAFE ROBOTS

Our robot has been designed from the ground up to be safe around human beings in human environments while still being capable of most human tasks.

By mimicking the way the human body works, EVE can achieve human strength and speed while still making it safe to interact with.


we build CAPABLE robots

Our robot has human strength, size and ranges of motion to do truly useful tasks in our homes. This allows very effective implementation of autonomous or human guided semi-autonomous operation.


we build AFFORDABLE robots

By designing EVE from the start to be mass producible and developing a powerful gear less drive system that avoids cost driving elements such as force and torque sensors, harmonic gears, brakes and more, we have built the most affordable service robot the world has ever seen.

robot overview.jpg

Designed for embodiment of AI

Our low friction, direct drive system closes the gap between the simulated and real world, providing ground breaking efficiency in machine learning for complex environments.


REVO1 actuators

We have built the perfect actuator to drive the next wave of safe and capable robots.

With peak performance of up to 50 Nm of torque per kilogram, natively compliant and fully backdrivable robots can be built today!